Wild Republic Snakesss Eastern Cottonmouth plush – 137cm

Toy figure type Stuffed Toy
Brand Wild Republic
Animal theme SNAKE
Item dimensions L x W x H 10.2 x 132.1 x 10.2 centimetres
Model name Wild Republic Mocassin d’Eau – Serpent en Peluche, 137 cm


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About this item

  • Created from high quality materials, this plush toy has a cuddly appearance and satisfying feel. Because of this, it is suitable for children of all ages and adults
  • A perfect product to introduce children to the world of a cottonmouth. With this lovingly designed cuddly toy you arouse interest in the way how snakes live.
  • The plush animal can be wiped off superficially with a sponge and a mild soap to remove stains!
  • The plush animal is realistically designed. Therefore, children can learn something about the life value of snakes in a playful way.
  • Due to its length of 137 cm, the soft toy is also suitable as a cover for edges or as a draught stopper.
  • The plushy toy comes with a hangtag about informations how the animal is living


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