MILWARD Single Point Knitting Needles, 30cm, Silver Grey, 4.5 mm

Size 4.5 mm
Brand Milward
Colour Silver Grey


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About this item

  • | Strong and Durable | MILWARD knitting pins have been specifically designed and manufactured to prevent distortion of knitting projects during usage.
  • | Lightweight and Comfortable | The MILWARD knitting pins are made from lightweight aluminium or high grade plastic (depending on diameter) and complete with a hypo-allergenic, smooth, snag-free finish to protect your yarn and hands whilst knitting.
  • | Suitable for General Knitting Projects | With various lengths and diameters available, the MILWARD knitting needles are suitable for a most knitting projects, whether it be at a beginner or advanced level. Single Point needles are in lengths 25, 30, 35 and 40cm.
  • | Sizes | Diameter Size 2.0mm – 5.5mm are made from anodised aluminium. Sizes 6.0mm – 10.0mm are made from a grey plastic. Both materials are comfortable for extended use.
  • | From a UK Seller | The MILWARD brand is owned and distributed by a UK seller, from a highly reputable family owned craft and sewing business with over 50+ years of experience within the crafting, sewing and knitting sector.


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